The Power of the Million Dollar Focus

Many people have a much smaller focus and what really is true focus?

You have to know exactly what you want to accomplish and you must have clarity. Knowing what are your objectives.

Focus is an intensity that begins with clarity, then priority intensity and elevation.

Intensity is important to focus seeing your goal and outcome. Dreaming and visualizing a road map so to speak of where you’re going and what is this going to become. Intensity is the messy middle its where discipline focus and drive come in to reaching your goal.

The intensity of your focus is the intensity of your activity. Most people their focus is not intense enough to keep them focus on the outcome they desire.

Why are people not intense on their focus it’s because they are not clear on what they want. Most people spend more time planning their vacation then planning their life.

Priority determines intensity and why you are doing what you’re doing and continued elevation.

Someone’s why is most important and you probably heard if your why doesn’t make you cry and your pain pushes and your vision pulls you. It is what you become in the process be + do = have. Usually it takes more than one thing to have the intensity you need to get to be a seven figurer earner.

An action that is prioritize is ten times more powerful than an action that has not been made a priority.

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