Linda Bomba is a TESTAMENT to what this industry is about.

Her breakthrough was a long time coming and every time she stumbled she got right back up doing more than most everyone COMBINED!

Stamina like I have never seen and a commitment to herself like no one I have ever witnessed.

Congratulations Linda….but we all know this is just the beginning.

You've learned to make money…

Now you will build your empire.

Oh the places you will see!

Much love to you!


Diane Hochman

Owner, Diane Hochman

Can I just publicly say how proud of you I am Linda Bomba?

For everybody else, let me tell you about Linda.

She is the MLSP member of the month for October.

Here is why I am proud of this gal. I have watched her persist. I have watched her struggle, I have watched her have disappointment on many occasions. But there is one thing I have NEVER seen her do and that is quit.

Seriously, what a story she is building. You deserve every bit of recognition you are getting Linda. You have persisted in the face of all odds and you are reaping the rewards of it.

You inspire me to keep helping as many people as I can to do this thing too. God bless you my dear. Can't wait to see you on stage sharing your story.

Mark Harbert

CEO/Founder/President, Mark Harbert

So often we celebrate people that rocket to great success.

Most of the time the overnight success happens because of thousands of long nights before.

I logged into MLSP today and saw Member of the Month Linda Bomba and my heart lit up!!

This person came in the same time I did! So many people quit that came into MLSP around 2014.

But she stuck in there. Learned what she needed to. Didn't complain. Didn't compare. She just went to work!!

After speaking with her today and asking what was working well for her.

She keeps it simple and applies what she learns.

Ryan Cody McMorris

Owner, Ryan & Wes McMorris Intentional LIfestyle University

Congrats Linda Bomba!

You worked SO HARD for this!

This is the launching pad to your new life!

Believe me…I speak from experience!


Marc M. Lalonde

Owner, The Wealthy Trainer

Linda and I kind met by accident in a program we both promote.

Me not being a fast study she took me under her wing.

She is patient and taught me how to use a site like Facebook.

If your looking to join her in a program or for private coaching I could not recommend a better choice.

Dale Stefacic

Owner, EOC Group LLC

Linda is an excellent tireless guide and teacher!

Listen, Read and Duplicate what she does and you'll do great.

Vince Ver Lierop

Owner, Multiphase Marketing

Ron Deering

Owner, Ron Deering

Maryellen Duchesne

Owner, Smarter Solutions



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