Ask The Bombanator Show (Web Series)

My name is Linda Bomba (aka The Bombanator) and I’m the host of “Ask The Bombanator Show“, where I answer YOUR questions!

If you have a General related question (Online Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or Branding),  or a Random question, please contact me anywhere on Social Media and I may grab your question for an upcoming show!

Credits to Dr. Jodi Andros with coming up with the term “Bombanator” which has become very popular for anyone who hangs around me. Her husband Dr. Douglas Firebaugh honestly stole it from her and refers to me as the “The Bombanator” which is where the name of the web series came from so I wanted to disclose it here.

Final (edited) Episodes of “Ask The Bombanater Show” Web Series are numbered below in order.

  1. Episode 1: Where do I get TRAFFIC?
  2. Episode 2: Who is Larry? 
  3. Episode 3: How do I flip the conversation to business?
  4. Episode 4: Content Creation
  5. Episode 5: Why Don't People Buy From Me?
  6. Episode 6: What Should I Email My List?



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