7 Surprising Money Secrets of the Amish

Number 1

Totally avoid debt and credit cards different sects might use credit cards for convenience and rewards. They always pay on time its biblical and it is their point of view.

Number 2 

Make saving the number one priority. The average American saves 4-5% and 80% do not save. The average Amish save 25% it’s creates financial independence it’s their priority.

Number 3 

Avoid government handouts they just do not go there. They believe if you do it right there will be no possibly of needing them. If someone assistance help they all help each other, they have their own form of helping each other.

Number 4

They value experiences and personal relationships above things. Being wealthy is about having a lot of options you can experience things that most people never get to experience in their life.

Number 5

They are extremely smart business owners. They have an incredibly strong work ethic.

 Number 6

They rarely waste anything and they will try fix everything until it’s no longer usable.

Resourcefulness is key for them and believe everything has a purpose. They don’t have to have the newest fashion line.

Number 7

They rarely pay retail. Because of the large family size, they shop smart. They consider things most people do not use like thrift stores. The idea of paying full price they are always looking for ways to pay less.

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