7 Secrets The Wealthy Engage to Get Through the Pain of Discouragement & Keep Going

Number 1

Damon John says What about this is discouraging you and why? This isn’t happening you have to figure that out.

Most of the time its lack of results and you must get down to the root of the problem.

Number 2 

Talk to someone more successful and see if they have experienced it.

Number 3

Study the problem and research it online and with other people. Not getting results creates frustration. Take the information you got and see how it connects.

Number 4

Katy Perry says you go exercise and just think get away and look at it from a different perspective. Moving and sweating and getting your blood circulating will help you give a different look and getting your creative juices flowing.

Number 5

Step away from it disconnect pray about it in the music business they say in studio become numb to it.

Number 6

Mark Cuban says look at the problem and come up with 5 new approaches. Try a new approach and you will discover what you were doing wrong.

Number 7 

Wealthy people understand your emotions are clouding your judgement and they know emotions and frustration are temporary.

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