People blog for different reasons some for business and others for personal pleasure. It does take time to blog and keeping your content fresh will bring more visitors to your blog. If you’re a home business owner like I am my blog is my home on the Internet. I can control what happens and do whatever I want with my site and give you some successful blogging tips.

Here are 13 amazing uncommon blogging tips to use on your blog.

  1. Have a Purpose for Writing
    Get a clear reason for blogging. You may be doing it for fun or out of interest, to get better at writing or for income. A clear goal steers one to becoming a good blogger. There are plenty of places to get good blogging tips.
  2. Know Your Target Audience
    Know your target audience more than they know or understand themselves. Understanding your audience helps you resonate well with the audience. It is important that you conduct a deep research on your target audience.
  3. Get Ideas from Your Established Audience
    Social media comments and questions from your readers is the most convenient way of getting ideas on what to blog on. For example, you may blog on current trends in electronic banking in response to a question asked by one of your readers.
  4. Build an Email List
    New bloggers need to build an email or contact list from day one. It helps in promoting any new content posted without the worry of any rankings from online roadblocks in communication.
  5. Choose Friendly SEO Software
    A good SEO tool is vital for content optimization. You simply add keywords on the content and an assessment is done on the article, pointing areas to implement your term.
  6. Attract Readers Using Captivating Titles
    This is critical for new bloggers. A title is the headline to your article hence the need for them to be enticing. Enticing titles attract many views.
  7. Excellent Use of Keywords
    Excellent use of keywords produce higher ranking on search engines. Create valuable content around a good keyword.
  8. Use Headers and Subheaders
    Excellent use of headers and sub headers shows proper organization of thoughts and ideas of the blogger. For easy content reading, use formatting tools for example bullets.
  9. Plan Your Post Out
    Planning keeps one ahead of time enabling the blogger to focus on the next content’s keywords. This helps in keeping the article relevant and remarkable. WordPress does have a schedule feature.
  10. Have Artificial Limitations
    This applies to both beginners and advanced bloggers in order to cultivate the art of being creative. Although it may be limiting at first, but in the long run, with much practice a blogger will find writing easier.
  11. Be Consistent
    Getting a blogging schedule is easy. Sticking to it is hard. Consistency should be a blogger’s goal especially for advanced bloggers. You will last longer despite challenges faced such as low content views and readership in the long run.
  12. Be Human
    Write your content in simple language. The content should be easily understood by people, just like you would have used simple language in an offline conversation. Remember, readers are human not computers.
  13. Your Blog Is Your Home                                                                                                                         It may sound simple but it’s the only thing online you own and can control I have made a ton of connections on social media however I don’t own any of my accounts and you own your blog make it count.

Blogging is fun if one has a clear purpose for it. In addition, one meets people of different ideologies and interact with them. You will also have fun. For more blogging tips for beginners Click Here Now














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